Planning & Adopting ERP Change

We help businesses manage the people side of digital transformation via three stages of ERP change management.

Change Management

Understanding and adopting change

Project Training

Pre-implementation project team support

Training Plan

Planning and scoping the training phase

Training Materials

Developing the customized materials

Training Delivery

Delivering the end-user training sessions

Post Go-Live

Supporting the business post go-live

Solution Overview

Preparing, Adopting, and Maintaining Change

Step One: Preparing for ERP Change

Preparing Change will allow you to better analyze the people side of your initiative, understand it’s impact at an organizational, project, and individual level, and define an approach to ensure success.

Together we will develop and document a customized and scalable Change Management Strategy that will gain you the necessary sponsorship and commitment you need to deliver your outcome.

Step Two: Adopting ERP Change

Working together, Adopting ERP Change will allow us ensure success by driving the usage and adoption of your initiative across your business. We’ll do this by developing, implementing, and managing a series of engaging activity and people based plans.

Jointly, we’ll track the performance of these to ensure we’re able to measure their impact, uncover strengths, and opportunities and apply real-time adaptations to respond to the needs of your people.

Step Three: Maintaining ERP Change

The final phase of our change solution, Maintaining Change, allows your business to realize the full benefits of your initiative by ensuring we build lasting levels of usage and adoption.

We’ll continue to support you beyond the go-live of your project, celebrating successes, identifying opportunities for improvement, and when you’re ready, activating your teams to confidently maintain the change going forward.

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Supporting all Oracle Cloud ERP upgrade and implementation projects.
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A tailored ERP training program developed using your specific build, incorporating your business processes.

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Our team has worked on over 750 ERP training projects across various different systems and industries.

Flexible solutions

Total flexibility to pick which training modules are developed in-house and which to outsource to Onboard.

Quick offboarding

We offer an unrivalled offboarding policy, with our team ready to reengage when suits you best.

Project team time

Partnering with us will allow your project team more time to focus its attention on the system build.

Prepared workforce

We’re here to help deliver a confident workforce, enabling the business to maximize the return on its system investment.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is the heart of a modern business. Here some frequently asked questions regarding ERP Change Management.

    When deploying an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, an ERP Change Management Plan provides firms with an organized method for managing the people side of digital transformation. It entails understanding, organizing, and carrying out strategies to ensure the ERP system’s effective implementation throughout the company.

    Implementing ERP accelerates corporate procedures, boosts productivity, and promotes teamwork. To minimize interruptions and maximize gains, however, thorough planning, training, and change management are also necessary.

    Plan everything well, involve stakeholders, handle change well, provide good training, and provide continuous support for an ERP implementation to be successful. To guarantee effective adoption and benefits realization, the ERP system must be in line with the objectives, procedures, and organizational culture.

    ERP Change Management, with its emphasis on the people aspect of change, assists companies in overcoming the obstacles posed by digital transformation. It is about staying aware of the demands of stakeholders, communicating clearly, offering assistance and training, and assisting in a seamless switch to the new ERP system.

    A software program known as an ERP system unifies key corporate operations onto a single platform, including finance, supply chain, human resources, and customer relationship management. The way it functions is by centralising data, streamlining processes, and offering instantaneous insights to enhance decision-making and streamline operations.