Tailored Oracle Cloud ERP End User Training Programs

We scope, develop and deliver the world’s most comprehensive and effective customized Oracle ERP user training programs, making Onboard the obvious choice for your Oracle Cloud implementation project.

Solutions include planning and adopting ERP change, pre-implementation project team training, developing tailored ERP training plans and user materials, plus support with delivery and post go-live.

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    Solution Overview

    Change is experienced by people, not systems.

    Onboard is the world’s leading end-user training partner for Oracle Cloud ERP implementation and upgrade projects.

    We not only understand the way the system works but also how to best train your staff. By using a mixture of tools and methods, Onboard’s training consultants have the relevant expertise to help ensure your workforce adopt the new software and any changing business processes.

    Our training consultants are experienced in developing customized, client-branded, collaborative learning solutions for all Oracle Cloud ERP workstreams including Financials, Project Management, Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Asset Management, Sales, HR and Commerce.

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    Training Phase Planning

    Developing a customized ERP training plan and strategy.

    Classroom/Virtual Training Delivery

    Delivery ERP end-user training sessions in various formats.

    Training Material Development

    Developing various customized end-user training materials.

    Project Team Training

    A series of generic key user ERP training courses.

    Tailored Oracle Cloud ERP User Training Solutions.

    We partner with clients to develop customized Oracle Cloud ERP training solutions for their end-users. For over 25 years, we’ve supported hundreds of private and public sector organizations across North America.

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    Alternative options

    How does our Oracle Cloud ERP training compare?

    Our offering is the leading option for your ERP training phase. Here we compare it against hiring a freelance training consultant to design, develop and deliver your end-user training phase.

    Freelance Trainer
    Customized Training Materials

    Will your end-user materials be business specific?

    Process Content

    Will the training include business process content?

    Flexible Offering

    Can you offboard the consultant(s) at short notice?

    Scale Up

    Can you scale up if our ERP project timelines change?

    Vast Experience

    Have you completed over 750 ERP training projects?


    We're the world's most experienced ERP training and change management consultancy.

    Why Choose Us?

    We understand Oracle Cloud ERP training is competitive. But here's why to choose Onboard.

    We offer a variety of flexible and competitive ERP training and change solutions.

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    ERP training delegates using eLearning

    Designed for you

    A tailored Oracle Cloud ERP training program developed using your specific build, incorporating your business processes.

    Vastly experienced

    Our team has worked on over 750 ERP training projects across various different systems and industries.

    Flexible solutions

    Total flexibility to pick which training modules are developed in-house and which to outsource to Onboard.

    Quick offboarding

    We offer an unrivalled offboarding policy, with our team ready to reengage when suits you best.

    Project team time

    Partnering with us will allow your project team more time to focus its attention on the Oracle Cloud ERP system build.

    Prepared workforce

    We’re here to help deliver a confident workforce, enabling the business to maximize the return on its system investment.

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    We're Ready to Support your Oracle Cloud ERP Project!

    Our experienced team are ready to support your digital transformation. Let’s add your name to our growing list over 750 global clients!

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is the heart of a modern business. Here some frequently asked questions regarding Oracle Cloud ERP user adoption.

      Unfortunately not. We design, develop and deliver tailored Oracle ERP training programs to organizations implementing or upgrading Oracle ERP. This therefore tends to cover end users quantities of hundreds to tens of thousands.

      We don’t have a generic list of courses, as all of the courses and their associated delegate materials are tailored to each clients unique system build, utilizing their branding and incorporating their business processes.

      Whilst this is not our primary offering, in some instances we can still support organizations who require post go-live, business-as-usual training support, so we would still encourage you to reach out so that we can further discuss the training requirement.

      Yes – we create customized training materials developed utilizing the clients unique system build, incorporating their branding and any business process information.

      Yes – we do. We’ve supported ERP training rollouts right across the world, including all over North America, Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia.

      Once the tailored training materials and courses have been developed, we can indeed support with the delivery phase. We also provide the cost-effective option of up-skilling your in-house team to deliver the training themselves, via our Trainer Readiness Program.

      Yes – we can. Over the years we’ve supported lots of these across various sectors, so it’s more than likely we’ve already supported a client rolling out your ISV. The same process applies, so we can incorporate the ISV within the end-user training requirement.

      Without a doubt, YES! Developing and delivering customized Oracle ERP training courses is critical to the success of your upgrade or implementation project. This phase will prove valuable in all regards, whether it be financially to the business or development wise for the end users.

      Oracle ERP offers a wide range of different modules. Here are 10 different Oracle ERP modules: 

      Financial Management
      Risk Management
      Project Management
      Human Resources (HR)
      ERP Analytics
      Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
      Supply Chain Management (SCM)
      Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

      Oracle E-Business Suite (Oracle EBS) solutions are distributed using databases, servers, storage, and other on-premises resources that are connected to your home network. Oracle EBS has a limited number of integration options available online. Integration calls for additional IT skills.

      Oracle ERP Cloud software applications are distributed through Oracle’s own cloud applications and services and can be accessed via the Internet. Utilizing partner capabilities, Oracle Cloud infrastructure enables the integration of additional business solutions and cloud applications along with compliance with large-scale data transfers (as per business needs).

      Oracle ERP integrates corporate operations into global companies, improves teamwork, promotes efficiency, and enables data-driven choices. Naming each industry and each organization that uses Oracle ERP to strive for success would be difficult, but here are the major industries where it is widespread:

      Life Sciences
      Public Sector
      Financial Services
      Food and Beverage
      Consumer Goods
      Construction and Engineering
      Media and Entertainment
      Education and Research

      Oracle is an incredibly user-friendly ERP application. For an organization with skilled professionals, depending on whether the individual is a light or heavy-touch user, it will takes anywhere between a few hours and a few days to learn and become accustomed with Oracle ERP.