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We scope, develop and deliver the world’s most comprehensive and effective customized D365 Business Central (formerly Dynamics NAV) user training programs, making Onboard the obvious choice for your project.

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Solution Overview

Change is experienced by people, not systems.

Onboard is the world’s leading personalized Dynamics 365 end-user training partner for D365 Business Central implementation and upgrade projects.

We not only understand the way the system works but also how to best train your staff. By using a mixture of tools and methods, Onboard’s training consultants have the ideal expertise to help ensure your workforce adopt the new system and any changing business processes.

Our training consultants are experienced in developing customized, client-branded, collaborative learning solutions for all Dynamics 365 Business Central projects, also catering for any supporting partner apps or ISVs.

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Training Phase Planning

Developing a customized D365 training plan and strategy.

Classroom/Virtual Training Delivery

Delivering D365 end-user training sessions in various formats.

Training Material Development

Developing various customized end-user training materials and courses.

Project Team Training

A series of generic key user D365 training courses.

Tailored D365 Business Central User Training Solutions.

We partner with clients to develop customized D365 Business Central training solutions for their end-users. Since 1998, we’ve supported hundreds of private and public sector organizations across North America.

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Alternative options

How does our Dynamics 365 Business Central training compare?

Our offering is the leading option for your D365 Business Central training phase. Here we compare it against hiring a freelance training consultant to design, develop and deliver your end-user training phase.

Freelance Trainer
Customized Training Materials

Will your end-user materials be business specific?

Process Content

Will the training include business process content?

Flexible Offering

Can you off board the consultant(s) at short notice?

Scale Up

Can you scale up if our D365 project timelines change?

Vast Experience

Have you completed over 750 training projects?


Tailored D365 Business Central User Training Solutions

We partner with clients to develop customized Dynamics 365 Business Central training courses for end-users. Since 1998, we’ve developed tailored courses for hundreds of private and public sector organizations across North America.

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Here's How We Work

Every client we support has a unique set of end user training requirements. This tried and tested process enables us to support you at every stage of the process.

Produced to provide initial estimates once user numbers have been shared.

RapidScope® – Detailed training roadmap produced including deliverables catalogue.

Client makes selection on which materials to outsource.

Onboard staff are assigned to the project; Lead Trainers, Training Consultants and Client Engagement Manager.

Onboard Training Consultants conduct knowledge transfer sessions with workstream and system experts.

Client specific training deliverables are produced and translated for local end-user groups.

We can either deliver classroom sessions or up-skill in-house staff via Trainer Readiness sessions.

Floor-walking and hypercare assistance can be provided during go-live and beyond.

The Perfect Solution

Custom designed and cost-effective end-user training for your Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a cloud-based business administration solution which allows over 30,000 small and medium-sized businesses to connect finance, sales, service and operations.

Replacing outdated legacy systems, this all-inclusive business management system unifies CRM and ERP functionalities on one platform. It facilitates process automation, insight acquisition, and improved decision-making for enterprises.

Business Central can be used to obtain insights into client data and behaviour, as well as for handling financial matters, sales, operations, and client relations. Additionally, core business central functionalities help with the automation of tasks like inventory management, processing orders, and billing.

However, the effectiveness of any cloud-based business management system relies heavily on the expertise of its end-users. That’s where our unique, role-based training courses come into play.

Onboard is a specialist in developing tailored D365 Business Operations user adoption programs, supporting both initial implementation and business-as-usual (BAU) projects.

Since every project is different, our strategy is specific to you. We offer a completely coordinated training solution and cater for every element of the user adoption phase, from planning, to deliverable creation, to classroom or virtual delivery and post go-live support.

Utilizing a Blend of Internal and External Resources

Utilizing an amalgamation of internal super users and experienced training consultants, such as those employed by Onboard, is going to produce the best results for your organization.

But who are the super users in your organization?

Super users, also referred to as subject matter experts (SMEs), typically possess the necessary operational knowledge. However, they often do not have the training experience needed to instruct other users in new procedures. Additionally, they might not have much time left throughout the workday to create customized learning resources for every role-based course.

Here’s where our experienced training consultants may apply their specialized knowledge to prepare your super users for both present and upcoming system upgrades and implementations.

By providing qualified internal super users with the necessary resources, tools, and role-based process understanding to guarantee efficient training delivery, Onboard supports organizations in developing their own internal training capability.

A Wide Range of D365 Business Central Training Deliverables

Onboard offers various training courses and learning methods for your organization.

RapidScope: The end-user training stage has been defined using a RapidScope® exercise, which generates an organized timeline with resources allocated for both the development and delivery stages.

Quick Cards: These are designed as double-sided A4 cards that include the key components of a procedure and are easily accessible to users. They are helpful for everyday use and fundamental procedures. They have eye-catching graphics and are simple to understand without being overly complicated.

Reference Guides: Reference guides are thorough user guides or manuals that include detailed business procedures to make sure standard procedures are understood and adhered to.

Trainer Pack: A trainer pack is set up to ensure uniformity of delivery, particularly when numerous trainers have been allocated to a single project.

Digital Self-Learn: It is an eLearning module designed for self-teaching that is divided into discrete modules. For one to get acquainted and skilled with the relevant topics and content, the learner is required to finish the self-paced classes.

Interactive e-learning: These modules are designed to include learners in inputs and interaction with the material. Exercises, tests, and simulated systems are used to do this.

Skill the Trainer: The needs vary based on a specific stage. Suppose you would want to use your own resources for the implementation stage of a system implementation or update. In that case, we can provide an appropriate solution that combines internal training resources from within your company or organization with our highly qualified training experts.

Classroom Delivery: In a controlled setting, participants can learn and apply their skills in a classroom setting, which a skilled Onboard training consultant facilitates through “hands-on” learning style training sessions.

Online Delivery: By providing a controlled, dynamic, and interactive online platform for audience engagement workshops and videos, this remote training method expands the scope without the need for more training consultants.

Go-live Support: Onboard training experts can be used as “floor walkers” if necessary. They will be available to respond to questions, update understanding of procedures, and offer assistance with a “triage” solution to reduce the volume of user-triggered concerns handled by the company’s internal help desk during the go-live time.

Presentation Delivery: An inexpensive method of training large audiences is to use polished and captivating presentations along with a system demonstration. Whenever there is a small amount to learn and “hands-on” training session is not required, this works best.

Why Choose Us?

We understand D365 Business Central training is competitive. But here's why to choose Onboard.

We offer a variety of flexible and competitive D365 training and change solutions.

ERP training consultant supporting delegates
ERP training delegates using eLearning

Designed for you

A tailored D365 Business Central training program developed using your specific build, incorporating your business processes.

Vastly experienced

Our team has worked on over 750 training projects across various different systems and industries.

Flexible solutions

Total flexibility to pick which training modules are developed in-house and which to outsource to Onboard.

Quick off boarding

We offer an unrivalled short notice boarding policy, with our team ready to reengage when suits you best.

Project team time

Partnering with us will allow your project team more time to focus its attention on the D365 Business Central system build.

Prepared workforce

We’re here to help deliver a confident workforce, enabling the business to maximize the return on its system investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here some questions we’re frequently asked about Dynamics 365 end user training.

While Dynamics 365 is an extensible platform that allows you to select the features you would like to add, Dynamics Business Central is a single system that provides integration with the broader components, regardless of whether its main goal is to work as an independent solution.

D365 Business Central offers features for typical business procedures used by medium-sized businesses, namely those engaged in professional and retail services. However, more complicated operations such

Dynamic 365 Business Central has the following modules:

Human Resource Management (HRM)
Customer Service
Supply Chain Management (SCM)
Financial Management
Data Analytics
Sales and Marketing
Project Management

Business Central comes with three main licensing types: Business Central Essentials, Business Central Premium, Business Central for Team Members, and Business Central Device. Licensing is usually carried out using a subscription licensing model, referred to as SL by Microsoft.

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