Comparing Onboard's ERP Training Materials to Generic Vendor Deliverables

Comparing Onboard’s ERP Training Materials to Generic Vendor Deliverables

Properly trained staff will increase efficiency, improve system implementation success, and enhance employee retention as they will feel like a valued resource in the organization.

Using generic vendor end-user training materials, which are often provided directly or through the implementation partner, is an option. However, these materials only offer a generic overview of the system and its ‘out-of-the-box’ features. As you may have customized your system, this standard training may not be effective for your business.

To provide your end-users with clear, business-specific training materials, it is essential to have bespoke training. Effective training should be more than a simple click-through guide; it should be an opportunity to increase confidence in the system. This is where we can help!

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Properly trained staff will increase efficiency, improve system implementation success, and enhance employee retention as they will feel like a valued resource in the organization.

Partnering with Onboard for your end-user training materials comes with three key benefits:

1 – Clear illustration of your business processes

Onboard training materials go beyond just showing users where to click, and instead provide a visual representation of how their tasks fit into the larger process.

By including your specific business processes in the materials, we create a workflow that helps users understand the context and purpose of each action they take. This level of detail is essential for creating accountability and ensuring that users comprehend the reason behind each action. Unlike generic user guides that provide only a general overview, our materials are tailored to your business needs. For example, the reference guide below illustrates the purchase order invoicing process, tailored to the client’s specific process.


In contrast, the user guides provided by vendors can seem unfamiliar and less user-friendly. They often contain technical terms and lack relevant process information.

For example, the image below displays a vendor’s description of the process for registering invoice lines, but it’s improbable that every company follows the same generic approach.

2 – Tailored to your specific system: Using customized screenshots, not generic ones.

Our training materials are designed using your specific system build, which might include many of customizations unique to your organization. We use screenshots, terminology, and data that reflect your final bespoke solution, ensuring that the training materials are relevant and applicable to your users.
Typically, the vendors’ generic user guides only include screenshots from the ‘out-of-the-box’ system build, which may not accurately reflect your system.
The reference guide example below demonstrates how our training materials are tailored to reflect the client’s system, in this case, the process of registering an invoice.

3 – Customized to fit your company’s needs, with your branding: Incorporating any optimistic messages you wish to convey to your staff during the transformation.

All of the training materials are customized with client branding including your preferred terminology, style, corporate colors, and fonts. This not only helps to facilitate learning by creating a sense of familiarity for your end-users, but it also demonstrates your commitment to their successful integration within the project.

By including positive change messages you wish to convey to your staff during the transformation, we help to build confidence in your brand and reinforce your company culture.

The example below shows an Onboard quick card that has been customized to align with the client’s brand guidelines, resulting in a tailored training document.


At Onboard, we offer tailored end-user training programs for ERP systems that are customized to meet the unique needs of any business, regardless of location. To learn more about our ERP training solutions, contact us today.

Nicky Cortes
Nicky Cortes
Director of Training and Development

As Director of Training and Development, Nicky's role encompasses Trainer Management and the development of Onboard's strategic training solutions. After 25+ years as a trainer she has a wealth of information at her fingertips. She scopes complex requirements and devises training plans to roll-out ERP end user training. Nicky is able to analyse large organisations and user groups, presenting the information back to clients in a comprehensive and clear manner.

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