Multinational Pharmaceutical

Microsoft Dynamics ERP training for an American multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology corporation

The Onboard training partnership enabled this Dynamics ERP project to go-live on schedule.

The Onboard training partnership enabled this Dynamics ERP project to go-live on schedule.


Microsoft Dynamics ERP


Finance, Manufacturing, Quality Control, Dispense, Packaging and Distribution

No. of End-Users:

2,500 End-Users


USA and UK

“We were delighted to support this global Pharma giant with their Dynamics rollout and look forward to the subsequent upgrade.”

Joanne Harrison, Onboard Sales Director

A global drugs manufacturer was implementing Microsoft Dynamics ERP with a pharma ISV in a multi-phase deployment to unify business processes, analytics and reporting across all sites in the USA and UK.

The new system would bring major change for a wide range of audiences in manufacturing, quality control, dispense, labelling, packaging and distribution. Success hinged on winning early end user buy-in so customized, role-based training was critical.

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The Challenge

The pharmaceutical group outsourced the creation of courses and materials to Onboard, as they lacked the skilled resources internally in the time required. The consultants had to be flexible, designing the first phase training program while the parts of the system was still being built.

The Solution

Onboard’s team planned the training early, visiting the client’s manufacturing sites in the US and UK, with face-to face and remote knowledge transfer sessions. Adjusting their working hours to align with the US, they created 29 courses plus detailed reference guides, quick cards, on the job training eLearning modules and trainer packs.

The training documentation was updated with new content in both implementation phases to incorporate changes to business processes and enhancements to the system.

Onboard trained the client’s internal SMEs and super users to deliver all the pre go-live training face-to-face in a classroom setting. Competency quizzes, tests and multiple-choice questions built into each training session measured the learner’s understanding of the topic.

The Result

The accuracy and effectiveness of the training courses and materials won positive feedback from the end users, the internal training team and the project leads. There was an overall pass rate of 98% in the consolidation competency tests and there were minimal calls to the helpdesk after go-lives.

Business as usual is supported by the super users delivering ongoing training with updated materials across all the firm’s operations. Onboard is currently creating a new user training program for the drug manufacturer’s 2023 upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365.