Frozen Food Manufacturer

Oracle Cloud ERP training for one of the world’s largest food manufacturers.

The Onboard training partnership enabled this Oracle Cloud ERP project to go-live on schedule.

The Onboard training partnership enabled this Oracle Cloud ERP project to go-live on schedule.


Oracle Cloud ERP


Engineering, Manufacturing, Finance, HR, Marketing, Procurement, Production, Sales and Research

No. of End-Users:

8,000 End-Users



“It was very satisfying to be able to yet again deliver a tailored training program for the client.”

Joanne Harrison, Onboard Sales Director

Onboard developed an Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP end-user training curriculum for a firm acquired by one of the largest European frozen food suppliers. A requirement of the acquisition was to ensure a quick implementation and adoption of the group’s Oracle ERP system.

The extensive training program Onboard created was role-based and designed to prepare the company’s super users with the skills to be able to deliver an Oracle ERP in-house training schedule.

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Onboard were tasked with ensuring that the super-users understood the importance of their role in the Fusion Cloud User Acceptance Testing (UAT) phase and that all end-users received job-specific training in preparation for go live in the summer of 2022.

The partnership kick started with an initial planning and scoping exercise involving online knowledge transfer sessions with the parent group’s business process experts. Onboard’s team of consultants then got to work creating comprehensive trainer toolkits, detailed reference guides and a suite of quick cards on key processes for light-touch end-users.

A full suite of training materials was initially created in English and then translated and re-designed for a German audience.

The training solution provides the firm with a template for other newly acquired companies required to adopt the group-wide Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP system. The materials are designed to support a system go live scenario and for ‘business-as-usual’ training as part of a new joiner induction program.