Dr. Martens

Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP training for the iconic British footwear brand.

The Onboard training partnership enabled this huge Microsoft Dynamics project to go-live on schedule.

The Onboard training partnership enabled this huge Microsoft Dynamics project to go-live on schedule.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP


Finance, HR, and Manufacturing

No. of End-Users:

2,500 End-Users


USA and UK

“We had excellent feedback from the materials that we supplied using frameworks and templates that Onboard supported us with.”

Amanda Fishburn, Head of Change, Communication & Learning

Iconic British footwear brand Dr. Martens selected Onboard to support its Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation.

The implementation project, known as Project Reboot, replaced individual finance, procurement, planning and retail systems with a single ERP system to support the company’s fast-growing operations in Europe, America and Asia. As part of the project, Dr. Martens introduced new handheld point-of-sale terminals in 94 retail stores around the world.

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Dr. Martens did not see Project Reboot as simply an IT project, but as an opportunity to completely reengineer the way they work. They felt it would be best for end users to be trained internally by selected super users, workstream leads and store managers, as they were already familiar with the system and business processes and could continue to train new employees.

However, these super users did not have the skill to create a deliver a high quality role-based training program and supporting documentation. Dr. Martens wanted the support of a specialist training consultancy with expertise in Microsoft Dynamics 365, and asked Onboard to provide a lead trainer. Onboard’s consultant worked with the Project Reboot team for four months, fully integrating into the team and sharing skills and knowledge.

Amanda Fishburn, head of change, communication and learning at Dr. Martens, said: ”They provided the expertise to capture all the training needs, help put the plans and strategy in place but ultimately it was all around a really good culture fit.”

The objective for the training team was to produce a role-specific end user training program with well targeted lessons relevant to each employee’s job and consistent supporting documentation to instil best practice across the company. The Onboard consultant had four key responsibilities: to mentor the selected internal trainers; to advise them on the content of the training courses and materials; to review and quality check the documents they produced; and finally to train them to deliver training sessions in the classroom.

Onboard first completed its RapidScope® process, which analysed the training needs and outlined the courses and materials that would need to be developed. The team produced a variety of supporting documents, including quick cards for short key processes, such as those used in retail stores, and detailed reference guides for longer and more complicated processes, such as back office finance processes.

Fishburn noted: “We had excellent feedback from the materials that we supplied using frameworks and templates that Onboard supported us with.”

When delivering the Skill the Trainer sessions, the Onboard consultant tailored the sessions to the needs and existing skills of the different trainers. The super users in finance, planning and procurement were already familiar with the Dynamics 365 system’s functionality, but needed guidance on how to best conduct the training. The retail teams were less familiar with the system; they were first supported to learn the new processes themselves, and then coached on how to share their knowledge with the end users.

Becky Hibbert, Dr. Martens training communications coordinator, said: “Our trainers all attended the train the trainer sessions with different levels of confidence at the start but they all left feeling much much better, with lots of tips on how to conduct their own training sessions.”

As a result of this collaboration between Onboard and Dr. Martens, Dr. Martens now has a very strong internal training team, who have created lessons and supporting materials that can be used to train new employees as well as support the rollout of Dynamics 365 to new business locations around the world.

Dr. Martens was Onboard’s 600th ERP client, and the Onboard consultant was able to share the company’s vast experience and expertise with the Project Reboot team. As Fishburn acknowledged, “this was an incredibly well executed piece of work that put us in great shape to deliver a really successful training program.”

Rob Green, Dr. Martens’ project manager for Project Reboot, summarised the success of the project: “I would absolutely recommend Onboard as a training partner. They have fully trained professionals, they do go the extra mile and there’s no doubt with them on board, you will deliver a successful project.”

Watch how we supported global brand Dr. Martens.