A Review of SAP Enable Now

A Review of SAP Enable Now

ERP provider SAP has launched a new service to allow organizations to create tailored help and training materials for their users within SAP.

SAP Enable Now is marketed as enabling businesses to ‘enhance the user experience while creating, maintaining, and delivering in-application learning materials’ and claims to provide ‘flexible, effective training for all’ for SAP systems as well as non-SAP systems.

When looking for quick, easy, and cost-effective training, a built-in tool like SAP Enable Now might seem ideal. However, such systems have their own drawbacks and limitations, and might not be the best solution for your organization.

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In order for your organization to reap the benefits of implementing a new ERP system, your end users will need to be adequately trained and enabled to use the system effectively. We have assessed the pros and cons of using SAP Enable Now so you can decide if this solution can provide the role-specific training you require.

SAP Enable Now claims to be a ‘collaborative content authoring, management and sharing platform that supports instructor-led training, self-directed learning and online performance support.’ As such, the solution consists of several different elements.

The first element, SAP Desktop Assistant, provides a toolbar that allows users to access customized LMS content and onscreen help, as well as contacts they can turn to for further support.

SAP Enable Now Instant Producer allows you to record processes in the system and use the recordings to generate a variety of outputs such as instructional videos, interactive eLearning, and step-by-step guides. While this tool is very easy to use, the editing process is time-consuming and there are limitations to what it can achieve. Instant Producer only captures functional steps in the system, and the recordings do not convey any contextual information about the overarching business process. Furthermore, the document outputs, such as step-by-step guides, are quite simple and are unlikely to match the formatting of your organization’s existing documentation.

SAP Enable Now Web Assistant offers in-app assistance for SAP S/4HANA and SAP SuccessFactors, allowing users to access support quickly without leaving the app. Web Assistant provides additional context and field help, and can also be used to direct users to an instructional video or a walkthrough. Walkthroughs contain detailed instructions about how to complete a process and can use generic SAP content or your organization’s custom content.

A key drawback of both SAP Enable Now Instant Producer and SAP Enable Now Web Assistant is that you must manually add any customized business content that you want to convey to the user.

SAP Enable Now Learning Centre is part of SAP Enable Now Web Assistant. The Learning Centre is a place to store your learning content, such as user guides, videos, and eLearning. You can organize this learning content by role so that users can easily find information relevant to them.

One of the key benefits of SAP Enable Now is its flexibility and its ability to support users in both SAP and non-SAP systems. If a client feels that it is the best solution for their organization, Onboard can use SAP Enable Now to develop training materials including guides and videos. However, SAP Enable

Now does not support the level of customization you would expect from a dedicated training partner. Working with a specialized training provider can be more efficient in terms of both time and cost, and you can be sure that your end users are receiving training that is specific to their roles and to your business.

SAP Enable Now might seem to provide a quick and easy solution to your training needs, but the relative lack of customization may lead to less effective use of your new ERP system, which in turn could jeopardize the expected rewards of implementation.

Onboard provides tailored end user training programs for a wide variety of SAP products, including S/4HANA, C/4HANA and SuccessFactors.

Nicky Cortes
Nicky Cortes
Director of Training and Development

As Director of Training and Development, Nicky's role encompasses Trainer Management and the development of Onboard's strategic training solutions. After 25+ years as a trainer she has a wealth of information at her fingertips. She scopes complex requirements and devises training plans to roll-out ERP end user training. Nicky is able to analyse large organisations and user groups, presenting the information back to clients in a comprehensive and clear manner.

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